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Shari A.S. Johnson
Shari Johnson


Hometown: Marshall, MN

Owner, Pedal Wild

Classes Shari A.S. Johnson instructs:

Pedal Wild Level 1 and Level 2 and Cycle/Total Body Conditioning Classes.


Shari is a certified RealRyder instructor.  


Her athletic history includes: Junior Olympic Volleyball and Division II College volleyball.  Shari is a marathon runner and enjoys mountain biking and various water sports.



Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson


Hometown: Minnetrista, MN

President, Pedal Wild

Classes Todd Johnson instructs:
Introductory Classes, Realryder Experience, Pedal Wild Level 1, Endurance, Cycle/Core Combination and Cycle/Total Body Conditioning Classes.

2010 Trained by RealRyder® Inc to teach indoor cycling on RealRyder bikes and a certified cycle instructor by the American Sports and Fitness Association.  Prior to opening Pedal Wild, Todd was the Director of Marketing at Amsoil Sandbox Arena, the largest Indoor Motocross facility in the U.S.  Todd has always been an avid fitness buff with an emphasis in extreme sports.  He was a motocross racer and stand-up jet-ski racer who participated in the World Finals in 2000.  He held previous positions at St. Louis Park High School as the Assistant Hockey Coach and Strength Training Coach from 1993-1997 and participated on the Tonka cycling team in 1989.



Sally Engebretson


Hometown: Mound, MN

Classes Sally Engebretson instructs:

Pedal Wild Level 1 classes



Sally has been trained in studio to teach indoor cycling on RealRyder® bikes.





Shelly SirShelleySir150x224

Hometown: Mound, MN


Classes Shelly Sir instructs: Instruction on Real Ryder bikes, core workouts, full body conditioning and TRX.


Shelly is a married Mother of 4 who found her answer to all her workout goals at Pedal Wild—challenging, body changing and fun! Shelly is dedicated to fitness.


When she's not at Pedal Wild you can find her mountain biking, running (previously an avid runner), cross training, downhill skiing and paddle boarding. 


Fitness has always been in her life, instructing aerobics in collage, and coaching girls softball for several years. She currently is very involved with the area's local food shelf as well.



Dawn CondonDawnCondon

Hometown: Orono, MN


Dawn teaches spin and total body conditioning at Pedal Wild. She also has experience in aerobics, Reebok step, yoga and kick-boxing.


Being new to the area, I was interested in finding some early morning classes that were close to home. A co-worker and neighbor told me that I should check out studio Pedal Wild so I thought I would give it a shot. I took one class and was hooked!  


In a regular spin class you get a break when you stand up and pedal - but not with the bikes at Pedal Wild. The workout becomes more intense when you stand up because you have to control the moving handlebars.  When you sit down and take a turn and lean you are fully engaging your core and using your arms: shoulders, pecs, biceps and even triceps!   I couldn’t wait to get to my next class! 


My philosophy is you only get one chance a day to work out, unless it’s a double header, so it better be good!  I have been teaching Group Fitness classes for 24 years. Working out is my passion and I love teaching at Pedal Wild.  I also enjoy teaching Bootcamp classes, Step classes (I am a tried and true step junkie!), strength and cardio classes.   I enjoy running– it’s such a great social sport. I have run many half marathons, 5ks, 10ks and the Twin Cities marathon -twice.  My family has enjoyed biking along some of the great trails in the area and I hope to get more into this great outdoor sport and aspire to try out a race or two.



Sheri BuescherSheriBuescher150x224


Hometown: Excelsior, MN


Graphic Designer for Pedal Wild


I started Gecko Graphics in March of 1999, a childhood dream to own my own design firm! It's been extremely fun and rewarding, creating all sorts of unique projects for clients. Anything from brochures, web sites, logos, email blasts and trade show materials, to flyers, postcards, online marketing and so much more.  There is a good challenge daily and I love it.


When I began my journey with Pedal Wild, Todd and I saw a need for each other; me for my fitness, and Todd for his marketing! It was a match! We've partnered ever since. I can't say enough good things about Pedal Wild and what it has done for my health. I have a stronger body, better endurance, and a greater drive for fitness all together.



Lee BuescherLeeBuescher150x224


Hometown: Chippewa Falls, WI


Technology for Pedal Wild


With a passion for architecture and technology, Architectural Overflow's goal is to provide best-in-class service and products for our customers.  We provide residential architectural design services for new construction and remodeling projects and small business technology consulting.  We provide services for architects, builders and consumers.  Originally started in 1988, the firm operated for twelve years providing architectural, CAD and consulting services for local AEC firms.  The business was re-launched again in 2007 where it has steadily grown to the organization it is today.


I have always enjoyed biking and had limited experience with spinning classes.  Pedal Wild's classes and Todd's encouragement has taken my fitness regimen to another level and continues to challenge me.



Jim KurttJimKurttl


Bike Repair and Maintenance for Pedal Wild


Jim has been working at nearby bicycle shops for the past 15 years. Jim believes if it's worth fixing it's worth fixing right. If you are looking for a complete tuneup, or any other maintenance issues that need attention on your bike, please give us a call! 612-242-1461