Neilly Newman

Neilly Newman instructs the following:
  • Cycle Endurance
  • 60 minute endurance ride. 

  • Cycle / Core
  • This class will start with 40-45 minutes riding the realryder bike. This will involve sprints, turns, jumps, as well as excellent strength training for the upper body.

    The last 15-20  minutes of class includes a range of core strengthening exercises. For this class, it is suggested you bring a yoga mat and inside only workout shoes.


  • Cycle Intervals
  • A proven formula for health! If you can only do one thing in a week, this is it! Interval training is shown to increase metabolism, improve cardiovascular function, oxidize fat, recovere from certain medical interventions, improve athletic performance and reduce depressive symptoms. Enjoy 60-minutes of high-intensity mixed with easy recovery intervals… a little “pain,” for a lot of gain!

  • Cycle / Sculpt
  • A Pedal Wild signature class combining the best of our cycling with the best of our body sculpt. Get your cardiovascular training and strength training in one shot! 60-minutes suitable for beginners to advanced members.