Welcome To Pedal Wild Introductory Class

This class is taught by:
As indicated by the title, our 'welcome' class will be all about the newcomer! Whether you're new to RealRyder bikes, group classes, health/wellness or returning from a hiatus this 60 minute class will be dedicated to meeting you where you're at. First, we'll show you how to get situated/sized on the bike. Once the bike fit feels comfortable we'll teach you how to adjust, mount, and turn. Additionally, you'll learn the importance of how to incorporate different hand postions during class. The remainder of time will be dedicated to discussing and experiencing a mini-sample class: warm-up, intervals or endurance, followed by a brief cool-down. Aside from getting oriented to Pedal Wild we'll also discuss the importance of variety in your workouts for your body/mind and how to eek the most our of your Pedal Wild experience! All are welcome. Perfect for those new to fitness and/or returning to RealRyder.