Level 1 Pedal Wild

This class is taught by:

Todd Johnson

I have always believed that physical fitness is one of the most important parts to a healthy life. 1985 I was involved in two very bad car accidents. The first one I was hit by a drunk driver and the second one I was riding my motorcycle and got hit by a car. I was only 21 years old and I thought my life was over. I was fortunate to have a good family and friends that supported me and believed in me. I received lots of physical therapy and learned if you have something wrong with your body you need to do everything possible to get it working soon as possible. This is where my commitment to safe physical fitness comes from. Growing up I loved every sport I had the chance to play. Football, hockey, baseball, downhill ski racing, Bicycle racing, standup JetSki racing, dirt bike racing and of course a lot of running races including marathon. I believe for most people low impact high intensity exercise is very beneficial. I am  committed owner of Pedal Wild Fitness Studio.

Michael Moriarity

Elite, category 2 road cyclist, indoor cycling instructor, public relations specialist. Michael has always been an endurance athlete at heart and is an avid adventurer. Growing up a premier league soccer player and leading state competitive track & field teams through high school, Michael focused his college life at the University of St. Thomas around writing and spiritual exploration. He graduated with a degree in journalism and English in 2006. After three years of public relations and public affairs work in the Twin Cities, Michael knew he was in need of a change. Athletic competition is what drives and motivates his being, and you'll be able to tell quickly...he's FAST! Michael is now pursuing a career as a professional road cyclist and hopes to be racing in Europe soon. He's not one to let talent go to waste. Ask him about social media marketing and other communications work, and he'll give you some good insight as he still practices freelance from time-to-time. His real talent, though, has evolved with hours and hours on the bike (both indoors and outdoors) and with strength-training coaches. Michael races road twice each week from April through August, and he races cyclocross twice each week September through November. Packing on strength and controlling his appetite for sweets and grizzle is critical in the off season, so ask him about his best advice on maintaining a healthy diet. Join Michael for high-intensity, strength-training classes on the bikes at Pedal Wild or for outdoor training and bike commuting workshops in the near future.
This entry level class offers one-on-one realryder bike set up. This class will teach the student how to properly lean the bike from side to side, as well as turns that are used in many other cycling classes. This class was designed to teach the student every benefit the realryder bikes have to offer - strength training with cardio and learning the benefits of standing up and sitting down on a bike that will move you in more ways than one!  This class will challenge all levels.  In this class, the only rule we have is to keep your feet moving at all times!
This class will work for all levels - all levels are welcome!!