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Get wicked fit. For those looking to improve their balance, strength and cardio health, Pedal Wild’s fitness studio has perfect offerings, all at a very affordable price.

Of course, the best way to get and stay ft is to stay accountable and workout alongside others. With Pedal Wild’s group personal training, you can do just that. Working and learning together takes a workout from good to great.

Our mission is for all Pedal Wild members increase their cardiovascular fitness, develop better flexibility, increase their strength, reduce stress through fitness and show people why working out together is so beneficial.

The variety of morning and evening classes offered seven days a week by Pedal Wild means you will always have an option to ft your schedule and your fitness goals, whether you’re a morning workout person or an evening workout person.

Offerings include cycling and yoga classes, cycling sculpt classes, Realryder classes, spinning and core combo classes, endurance ride classes, total body conditioning classes, TRX strength conditioning and much more.

All of the coaches focus on high intensity low impact workouts, making sure the workout counts without putting undue strain on the body. Each class concludes with total body stretching.

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About Pedal Wild Fitness Studio 




1. You will GET FIT and STAY FIT with only 3 workouts per week!


2. If you work out three times a week, you are only paying $5.75 per class. This savings is unheard of!


3. Our Real Rider bikes give you one of the most challenging workouts you’ll ever complete. You will get strength training and cardiovascular training simultaneously. Monitors mounted on our bikes measure MPH and cadence to optimize your workout. 


4. Sign up for classes with our online class registration or mobile application.  Classes are also available for “walk-in” or by phone registration.


5. Total body conditioning classes are offered for a low-impact, yet extremely challenging workout.


6. Pedal Wild allows children 12 years of age and older to work out too!  Workout as a family or with friends and GET FIT, STAY FIT together!


7. Shop Local! Pedal Wild is locally owned and operated.


8. We are currently partnered with some of the largest insurance providers so that you can receive up to $20 per person off of your membership each month!


9. You can get an awesome workout in 60 minutes without spending 30 minutes commuting to the health club! 


10. Pedal Wild offers unmatched customer service with a personal training component. We are always here to help you achieve your personal goals!